Upgrading projects to Scrivener 3's format while syncing to iOS

I received a note asking for this bit of instruction, so in the ancient Turkey Day tradition of peer-to-peer tech support, I offer this little how-to. :slight_smile:

Note this isn’t the only correct way to do things, but it’s what I’d do to avoid excessive dropbox syncing, and a slim chance of sync issues.

  1. Go ahead and download Scrivener 3. You can install it if you want, but don’t open any of your iOS-synced projects yet.
  2. If you have changes from the iOS version pending, sync those from your iOS devices.
  3. Pause Dropbox on your Mac after it’s had time to sync any recent changes from other devices.
  4. Open each project in Scrivener 3. This will rename your original project to include “backup” or something like that in its name, then it will create a new version of the project that is compatible with Scrivener 3.
  5. Move the backups of the version 2 projects out of the folder that syncs with the iOS version. I suggest that you remove it from the dropbox folder and into your Scrivener backups folder, just to save time during the next step…
  6. Re-enable dropbox, and let it complete the syncing process.
  7. (optionally, close your projects in Scrivener for Mac, and then…) open Scrivener for iOS and sync all your new, scrivener 3-compatible projects.

That should do it! Hopefully, that’s helpful to a couple of people.

[size=85]Edited to add step to sync from iOS devices, in case anyone forgets to check that.[/size]

Thanks for this, Robert. A useful reminder.