Upload files from my iPad to Dropbox

Hi - I haven’t been on my iPad for AGES, and need to upload all my Scrivener Projects from my iPad to my Dropbox, so I can transfer them to my laptop. I can’t remember how to upload files directly to dropbox. Please help, I don’t want to lose all my writing I did years ago on my ipad!

looks like this is what you need – will get you on Dropbox, and also ready to sync to Windows or Mac Scrivener:


Wasn’t sure if you were asking as far as the syncing part, but if somehow not, just do the iPad side of the setup, and you’ll find your projects on Dropbox, for any and future uses.

Also, I’m not sure why the reason for caveated many words, but this is really simple to set up. What’s behind it, not so much, but you don’t have any reason to concern for that - it ‘just works’.

Thanks. I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I opened Dropbox on my iPad - set it up so that it has the directory whee I want the files to go - I just figured out how to select the files and “Sync” them - but - even though my iPad showed it was syncing - NOTHING went into the new directory that I just created. Where did all those files get synced to? Sure glad I didn’t select the delete on sync! I’m going to go read the info you sent me and HOPE that it shows how I can simply upload my files from my iPad to Dropbox…

I don’t want to Sync - I want to Upload all my Scrivener files. How do I select the directory and file folder from my iPad to tell Scrivener where to send the files I’ve selected?

Okay - I’ve ben trying to get this done ALL DAY! The dropbox function on my ipad sucks. I can’t find how to get back to upload files directly from my ipad to dropbox. I give up!

Is there a way to select the files in Scrivener that I want and then I can just Bluetooth them to my laptop? Or can I zip them and send them via Bluetooth? HOW do I get my files from my iPad to my laptop? This is VERY frustrating! There is no place in Scrivener on my iPad for me to select the files/folders that I want so that I can even do a USB transfer directly to my laptop! Please, please HELP! I have a TON of writing I did years ago on my iPad - I NEVER use my iPad for writing any more - HOW can I get my Scrivener files WITHOUT using Dropbox, or some other Cloud service? I just want to transfer from my iPad to my Laptop!!! HELP!!!

On the iPad, from the Scrivener projects screen, press Edit, select a project, and press the Share/export icon. From here, select a method of transferring the project (cloud service, email, text message, etc.)

This process will create a zipped backup of the project.

On the receiving PC, unzip the project.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

ETA - Sorry, just noticed you don’t want to use a cloud service. But if you’re signed into the same Dropbox account on your laptop and on your iPad, it should work.

If you have email access on the iPad and your projects aren’t huge, then use the steps I listed above to email them to yourself from the iPad.


Guidance for backing up iOS Scrivener projects can be found here: