upload to blog?

Does anyone know if we can upload from Scrivener to a weblog such as WordPress or Blogger or whatever? I don’t see it as an option, but I’m wondering if there is a workaround. Currently using Macjournal to do this, because I want to write something on the home turf and keep the file there, but also upload to the blog.


There’s no way of doing this directly from within Scrivener, I’m afraid, as Scrivener was never really designed as a blogging tool.

Thanks Keith for getting back to me. So I guess what I’ll do since I want to use Scrivener as much as possible, is to create a journal in it, and then export it perhaps as html. I certainly don’t want to suggest blogging as another feature because I know you have always maintained that this is a writing and researching tool, not a formatting tool, and have stuck by that and I agree that this is what makes Scrivener unique and most useful. I hope you have a nice Christmas over there; currently dry and cold here, on Canada’s west coast, where usually Christmas–hell, all of winter–is green and wet and cold and wet.


For 2.0 - in the distant future - I intend to look into the possibility of better HTML export that would use Scrivener links to link between different pages and so on, but I don’t really have any plans to add an upload to blog feature as this would require going into specialist territory.

For now, it might be worth looking at MultiMarkdown for HTML export, though, as the standard Apple exporters (which Scrivener uses) make horrible HTML.


You can export as text and then copy & paste it in. Because of the tricky way Scrivener reads HTML, I just write my post and add the HTML later, in Blogger, in my case.

It reads better as an article, and then when previewing in Blogger, you get the full effect.

I can see how changing that would mess up the way Scrivener works internally, and for me it’s not a big factor.