Uploading a word count automatically

I currently use Scrivener for OSX (Wish you supported Linux) and I have a blog ftp://xxx.yyy.zzz to store it on an ftp site.

My goal would be then to have a wordpress plugin take that information and have a progress meter dynamically change.

It would be good if there were a bunch of stats so people could set goals in pages/ WC or both and have the actual # updated whenever they type the command sequence or look at word count.

I can do everything manually right now, but I think this would make it easier to keep my site up to date.


This is better answered by Ioa, but I seem to remember there was once something like a WordCount-placeholder. Look for that in one of the templates, probably the title page. Now, how about just creating an export setting which just exports the title page to some folder to your liking and process that?

There are word and character count placeholders that get converted to the real word or character count during Compile - I’m not sure this would do the trick, though, as I’m not entirely sure I understand the request.

(You can already set page or word count target and have a progress meter show your current progress within Scrivener via Project > Project Targets.)

My request is a way to automate saving a file with the wordcount automatically, ideally when checking the word count ctrl-option-cmd-s. Also, by saving, I would like it to be “saveable” to a URL, for example: ftp://www.francisbruno.com/kara-stats.txt.

Then I could come up with a way for the HTML to reference the values in the file to automatically update a word count “widget” on my site.

The word count placeholder idea may work, I’ll have to look into that. I check my word count about ever hour, so if there were a way to tie into that mechanism, it would be more automatic.

I still love the tool and don’t mind updating the values manually, just looking to see if I can improve things.