Uploading DOC to Smashwords—How Make TOC in OpenOffice?

There are advantages to uploading a DOC file instead of an ePub file to Smashwords (" If you upload only an EPUB, you won’t benefit from multi-format conversion, which will limit the devices upon which your book can be read. A direct .epub upload also won’t generate online samples, which are important for sales at the Smashwords store.")

So that I don’t reinvent the wheel, is there a quick and easy way, in Open Office, to add a TOC?


In LibreOffice (on a Mac) it is Menu > Insert > Table of Contents or Index… > Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography… — but you will need to mark up your chapter headings with the correct styles first. Once the heading levels are set the TOC is very easy to generate with LibreOffice (and I use MMD to automatically style headings from the Binder level so don’t have to do it manually…)