Uppercase Setting in Compile Not Working for Title Suffix

I have set the case to uppercase in the compile settings for Title Suffix for my Chapter with Title section and it is not working. Case settings have no effect. They work fine for the Title Prefix, but not for the Title Suffix.

I also tried setting custom css for “.page-title” with “text-transform: uppercase;” and it had no effect. I’m thinking this is a bug in Scrivener 3. Any solution for this?

$rst_ is used to restart named auto-numbering streams. Do any words appear in the suffix at all?

The title for each chapter appears as it should, it’s just not in uppercase. By the way, the coding was already in place. I didn’t add or change anything. I’m just trying to make the titles uppercase.

Might not have understood this correctly, but do you want it to say something like the following, all in block capitals?


If yes (the numbers below relate to the numbered images) …

  1. If we look at the section layout, we can see the “Section Title” is styled by “Subtitle”.

  2. We can give “Subtitle” a “CSS Class Name” (if it doesn’t already have one).

  3. And then we can edit the “Append Custom CSS Stylesheet” to add the transformation to change the “Subtitle” style to “SUBTITLE”. We have to use the “CSS Class Name” from step 2.

.subtitle { text-transform: uppercase; }

The top part of the image shows a screenshot from a Kindle file created using the method described above.

Hope this is what you want, or helps with the process.

Thanks! I have the issue fixed with the Title Suffix now.

I also have another similar issue. I’ve been unable to get the front matter section titles to appear at the proper size to match the chapter section titles. I even set the font extra large to make sure I was selecting the right sections and something is off as the settings are not being applied when compiled.

I assign the section type as follows…

Next, I make sure that Section Title is selected for the title in that layout as here…

Then, I set the font attributes for Section Title under Styles as shown below…

However, what I get in the complied Kindle file is much smaller as seen in the next post since I can only attach three images per post.

This is how it appears on Kindle, both in the Kindle Previewer and in the Kindle app…

It should, however, be the same size as the chapter section title (below the chapter number) as here…

I really need help sorting this out quickly as my book launch is planned for this coming week.


This is only a wild guess, so ignore it if it’s stupid, but…

If the Section Title in the ordinary chapters is exactly how you want it, using the style ‘Subtitle’ (from the screenshots in your first few posts), why are you using a different style (Section Title) in the Front Matter?

In other words, why not just point the title in the Front Matter formatting drop down box to the style ‘Subtitle’ as well, if that’s what you want it to look like.

Again, apologies if I’m misunderstood what’s going on, but looking at your screenshots, it’s what’s standing out to me. Just ignore me if it’s not relevant.

Not a problem for suggesting that. Actually, even if I use the the Subtitle style that works for my chapters, I get the same results. It’s always smaller on the front matter pages than on the chapter pages. I’m using a different style simply to experiment without messing up my chapters which are as they should be.

Ah, ok. Sorry, I can’t see anything else from the screenshots, unless it’s somehow bound up with the fact your chapter seems to have a style (the block quote) intervening between the subtitle and the image while the front matters don’t. Not sure how that would matter though.

Good luck.