Urban fantasy/paranormal romance short story markets?

Anyone know of markets for short fiction (12,000 words) in urban fantasy or paranormal romance? Harlequin has an e-book series, but the story I wrote didn’t suit them, so looking elsewhere. I couldn’t find any obvious markets, but maybe someone here knows. Thanks


Hm. That word length is a bit odd, from what I’ve seen.

Have you checked out Duotrope’s database? You can put a word count in the search function to narrow down the search results. EDIT: Duotrope counts your length as a novelette.

Thanks. My story allows for expansion, and I know there are novella markets somewhere. I think that means around 25,000 words or so, so may try that. Thanks for the assist.

“Novelette” and “novella” are writing length definitions that seem to change definition the most, based on who you ask. Especially “novella”. I’ve seen that described as both a work between a novelette and novel, and as a long novel. I’ve also seen novelette and novella considered synonyms, so you may want to bear that in mind while looking at markets. :slight_smile:

Carradee, yes I’ve never really understood the difference between novella and novelette. Some publishers spell it out in terms of word count, but as you say, what that is can change. I do seem to recall reading that in Victorian times calling something “a novelette” was a put down - a piece of trash, considered unworthy of attention.