URGENT!!! Content Missing!!!

I was working on a project that I’ve had for over five months and while typing, I opened one of the documents in the project and found it blank. I was confused by it, but figured I must have accidentally deleted the text inside it. I retyped part of it and continued on.
This morning though, when I reopened my project, I found all of the documents were empty! The synopsis to each one was still there and the target word counter still said I had over 12k words, but there was nothing there except the text I had typed last night in the first document that went blank.
I have the original project in Scrivener Gold, but I downloaded the new program today and made a duplicate to try to see if the other Scrivener program changed the matter. It didn’t. :frowning:
I really need help with this! I’m freaking out!!! The problem is similar to the one described here: [url]http://scrivener.proboards58.com/index.cgi?board=technicalsupport&action=display&thread=1146974036


Im not a technohead, so I cant really speak authoratively,but, simmilar questions,if memory serves, always ask if you have checked the trash. Also I dont think it`s advisable to have two version of Scriv installed.

I hope you fing the missing stuff in the trash
Take care

Certainly mixing Scrivener Gold with the newer versions is a little dangerous.
I expect this post belongs in the Scrivener Gold forum, as this is the Technical Support forum for the main version of Scrivener. Note that Scrivener Gold is not officially supported, and is now very old beta software.

You have posted a link to a Discussion Board I didn’t even know existed!

Keith will have to help you with the blank project problem, as I don’t think too many other people have any experience with Scrivener Gold anymore, but I would suggest you should consider upgrading to the current version of Scrivener.

It is a lot more stable, and is a much more mature piece of software.


I’ve moved this to the Scrivener Gold board.

As Matt states, Gold isn’t supported anymore, but this indeed something to fret over. I would suggest taking the advice given in that thread, open up the Scrivener package and get your data out of the RTF files (you can just copy them to the Desktop or someplace temporary). That your target counter still reads words is encouraging, but I seem to recall that Gold cached word counts? Hopefully that isn’t just an imaginary number. Then upgrade to Scrivener proper. :slight_smile: It really is worth it!

I haven’t used Gold in ages, and never came across this bug in the first place. What you are describing sounds like what happens when a project is opened with a newer version of Scrivener, updated, and then re-opened in Gold. That would definitely mess things up. But it could be any number of things.

Just popped this in, incase anyone wants a butcher`s (look)
scrivener.proboards58.com/index. … 1146974036

Could you please provide more information about what you were doing at the time? Did you make any backups, move the file or anything else?

Are all of the RTFD files contained inside the .scriv package? (Ctrl-click on the file in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”)?

When you open the project, are there any error messages on the Console? (Applications > Utilities > Console.app.)


No, I didn’t back it up because I’m an absolute idiot (although I backed up all my other projects today!) and I had already checked for the .rtf files and only two were there. I hadn’t done anything at all that was different from my usual computer usage - just typing, interneting, and iTunes. No strange websites, just gmail and then typepad, which have never caused trouble before. I did download the new iPod software, but I’ve done that before as well. And I already deleted my trash, before I realised there was a problem with my Scrivener.

There are no error messages and the word count for the over all project still remains in the 12k, however the number fluctuates a bit every time I open it, normally by a couple hundred, plus or minus.

I downloaded the new Scrivener package a couple hours after the problem, in desperation. I love the new program, on a side note! Everyone is right - it is better!