[URGENT] Crash on S3


Hate to pretend that my problem is the only and most urgent, but it is indeed a disaster for me when I desperately need to access to my file to finish writing an article for a deadline.

My problem is that a file which I used to run on S2 crashes every time when I try to open it on S3.
I updated to S3 just now, and the crash occurs when S3 tries to “rebuild index”.
I cannot open this same file on S2 anymore (as far as what I understand), because the file has been in some way converted to go with S3.
So it seems to me that I cannot open my file unless I find a solution for the crash issue.
Can any one help me out with this situation?


When you upgraded your project to S3 , Scrivner should have made a copy of the S 2 version. It would’ve been named is something like “project.backup.scriv". It should be in the same folder with your new S 3 project. You can open that with S 2 and continue on your way. If you didn’t save a copy of Scrivner 2, you can download it from literature And Latte’s Downloads page.

Hope this helps.

Could you please send us the file that is causing the crash? I would like to investigate (and fix!) the cause.
Many thanks,