urgent--did I delete all my work?

I hit “new collection” by accident, and all my work disappeared from the binder except for the primary document. I had several hundred pages of manuscript and research in different folders. They are nowhere to be found. I forgot that Scrivener automatically saves so I closed the document assuming I could tell it not to save the changes I had made. Of course it automatically saved. Is there any way of regaining all my lost work?

The chances are that your work is all still there. It’s just that you can’t see it in the binder (the left hand pane of the Scrivener window) because the new (empty) collection is showing instead of the ordinary binder.

There should be a kind of vertical tab under where it says the name of your new collection ( ‘-New collection-’ unless you renamed it), with ‘Binder’ on it. Click there (on ‘Binder’) and you should see all the files in your project in the binder again.

If that’s not clear enough, post again, and I’ll put up a screenshot showing where to click.

Here’s a screenshot showing where (if I’m right about what you have done) you need to click to see your files.

I am with nicka on the diagnosis of this one, but let me also add here just in anticipation of the next panicky moment that Scrivener has a number of mechanisms in place to keep your work safe and that provide for you a solid platform of reassurance to work from. The one I want to mention here is automatic backups. By default Scrivener backs up your project when you close it and, by default, maintains a backlog of the five most recent such backups. So, in a nervous-making moment such as the one you just experienced, you can have good confidence that all your work could not just disappear on you – if worse came to worse, you would still have those backups for peace of mind.

I will also add this: There just is no keystroke or button in Scrivener which would singlehandedly vaporize your work in a project (at least not without asking you first!), because Scrivener is built with the idea that your words are important to you firmly in mind.

Hope that was calming.
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Trying not to lose my mind here… I upgraded this morning and all I see is templates. Not a binder, not a menu bar, not nuttin’, not nohow.

But worse, I can’t find my manuscript.

All of the choices under the pull-down windows lead nowhere. I wonder if the upgrade installed properly.

I did the exact same thing, after installing the update I nearly had a heart attack when I clicked on “Open Recent” and there was nothing there. If you click on “Open an existing file” and locate your file on your hard drive it will then tell you it needs to be converted, if you agree to that it will then open.


Right, if you upgraded from 1.x to 2.x, it uses a new preference file so it won’t have any way of finding “recent” files from your earlier version. The files are all still there on your computer, though; they’re not stored in Scrivener. Just do a spotlight search for “.scriv” if you don’t remember where you saved them when you created the project.

Upgrades from 2.0 to 2.0.1 shouldn’t have this problem, since it’s not altering your preference files, which also means you won’t have to go through and redo all your settings in the Preferences pane. Users going from 1.x to 2.x will have to do that, since so much has changed.

Another note for 1.x users, you will have to update all your work to 2.0, since the file system is a bit different. Scrivener will make a backup of your original 1.x project, so for large projects this might take a little time. Once it’s updated to 2.0, you won’t be able to use that version in 1.x (hence making the backup first). But 2.x is so great, you won’t care. :wink: