[URGENT] Help, 80% of my projects crash!!

Yesterday I discovered a lot of my Scrivener projects crash… When I try to open one of them Scrivener start to launch but crash instantly… So I’m really worried and I’m scared it could happen to my other projects files… :frowning:
Thanks for your help

Thanks Briar for this link: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/comparison-to-other-word-processors-and-writing-tools/68/1]
It works for me.
But it looks like I have to set aside the ui.plist file each time I reload the project.

The idea of removing the ui.plist file is to get rid of the full screen setting from within it, that is all. Once the project is out of full screen mode it should no longer crash on load, and there would no longer be a need to reset the project’s settings. There are other alternatives in this article.

Can we expect a correction soon for this bug?

I’m not really sure when the next update will be out to get around this, sorry about that. It isn’t really something we can fix, to be clear, it’s OS X crashing itself basically. What we plan to do is remove the feature that saves full screen usage across sessions, but hopefully they actually fix it first!


after updating to the new OS-Version opening in fullscreen-mode seemed to work - at least a few times. But every few tries scrivener still crashes on opening.

So - the OS-update didn’t resolve all problems.


Yeah this one unfortunately does not appear to be on their radar, thanks for posting your results. It’s probably difficult to reproduce, we’ve had no luck reproducing it ourselves. It’s not a universal problem, but something that very likely requires a combination of settings (either system or application levels), perhaps a utility that modifies how Spaces work (I use several utilities that might be of impact, but I’ve never seen the crash myself).

Okay. But why don’t you guys give us effected people a workaround? Just stop scrivener from opening in fullscreen-mode. It seems that’s not undoable?

Whenever I forget to leave fullscreenmode before closing Scrivener I have this failure, which is very annoying.

All the best

I don’t know why, but since that installation of El Tigre Scrivener has caused my Mac Pro to crash. These crashes were catastrophic. They filled my hard drives with data of some sort to the point they could not function. I have had to restart my Mac with software from 2010 and update OS until current. My problem, not yours. This time round it crashed within fifteen minutes of being installed. The only other software other than that of the OS package was ADOBE, Lightroom and Photoshop. I had not gotten up to El Tigre yet. Should I go ahead and install Scivenener?

What is the “it” in the first sentence? I had presumed you meant Scrivener crashed after fifteen minutes, but later on you ask whether you should install it. If you mean to say the OS crashed fifteen minutes after a clean reinstall then I’d start looking into hardware issues.

P.S. I don’t know what “El Tigre” is.