Urgent help needed - compile horror returns

I’m having extraordinary trouble trying to compile a novel as a paperback-size PDF. I’d finally got what I thought was a perfect version - margins correct, headers correct, chapters and scenes in place, etc - after a couple of weeks of tweaking and extreme difficulty.

But now two earlier problems have returned to haunt me.

First, the Epilogue, which is in six scenes, keeps losing its first scene - it simply doesn’t appear in the compiled version.

More seriously, Scrivener is now not producing a PDF at all, but a file represented by an icon stamped “PDF”, but without the usual ring-binder image down the left of the icon; this opens only to a black square with a blank white rectangle in the centre:

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 11.06.08.png

This was happening before and was solved by running Cocktail and restarting a couple of times; this solution hasn’t worked this time.

Would it be possible to talk to someone from Scrivener on the phone about this? If there’s a private message ability on literatureandlatte, perhaps you could kindly send me a phone number?

Further on this: I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in Scrivener, and am about to report it in the Bug forum, with a detailed description and screenshots showing what’s happening. Here’s the link to that bug report:


AmberV has posted what I think is a solution to this here: