[Urgent] Scrivener Hangs with Error Message - Can't do my work.

I am running the latest update of Scrivener 1.9.15 from a week or so ago. It was working fine until this morning when I tried to use it. The following error was generated and Scrivener was unresponsive, Clicking anywhere inside the Window made it go grey. I could not kill it with the “X” box in the corner. Eventually, Windows 10 would throw a message and I was able to close Scrivener hard. I tried this a couple more times, with the same problem. My Internet is working fine, as I was on the Windows Beta Site.

FYI, I am running 1.9 and Beta 3 side-by-side, since the beginning of the Beta with no problems. Worked fine yesterday. Windows 10 1903 with latest updates.

[Update: I restarted Windows 10 then started Scrivener again. This time it worked as always.]

There are at least 20 other threads about this problem. Have you tried to search the forum?

@Krastev, please forgive me if some paranoia crept into my normally sane behaviour. I normally do a check of the forum before posting, but Scrivener is one of my bread-and-butter applications. I use it every day to write my next novel. It’s never failed before. Sorry if this offended you. I’ll do my best not to repeat this rather poor reaction on my part.