URGENT: Web Address of Scrivener License Server?

We’ve got several NaNoWriMo participants coming to our church in a half-hour for a write-in, and I can’t reach the license server! I suspect it’s due to our filtered DNS; there’s a lot of things that we don’t want people doing on an open guest wi-fi. Can someone tell me the web address of the Scrivener license server so that I can add it to the whitelist? Pronto?

I think it’s paddle.com. (Sorry for the late answer. I’m responding anyway in case it helps others.)

It shouldn’t matter, though. Scrivener doesn’t need to contact the license server in order to run, just in order to register.

What happened to the periodic license checks? :thinking: That reverting to trial mode when such checks fail thingy.

We defined reversion to trial mode when unable to contact the license server to be a bug, and fixed it.


Does this mean you could run Scrivener indefinitely on an “offline machine”, once activated?

That has always been the idea. We don’t expect people using Scrivener to have constant, online forever access. If someone has to take their work into the field for six months, their software shouldn’t implode a couple of months in.

What you’re describing was always a bug (well, a misunderstanding of that policy at first, but then a bug).


Well, when I tried to use (a registered copy of) Scrivener at the church last night, I kept getting the error message “Unable to contact license server” and then the program would lock up to the point where only rebooting would close or clear it. I eventually ended up uninstalling and then reinstalling a fresh copy of the program downloaded from the L&L web site, and then I had no further issues.

What version did you have before you reinstalled? Older versions definitely did behave this way, but the current version shouldn’t.