URL can contain accentuated characters !

Hello there !
Here’s a little bug : I want to add a Bookmark to a document. This bookmark is a link to a webpage, and the link is :
123couleurs.fr/explications … eslumière/
Well, I can’t add it. The link is not resolved. If I try without the è, the link works but the URL doesn’t work and leads to a 404 error.

Plus, when a URL is not correct – when the link can’t be resolved, I can’t modify the Bookmark, the item doesn’t appear in the menu ! I don’t know if it’s a normal behaviour ?

Thanks !


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve now fixed this for 3.0.3. In the meantime, instead of typing out the URL, you can drag the URL in from Safari. To do so, click into the address bar in Safari so that the little favicon image appears on the left of the URL, and the drag the favicon image from Safari’s address bar into Scrivener’s bookmarks list.

All the best,