URL Capitalization (Amazon.Co.Uk?)

I use Scrivener for almost everything now (it makes keeping things organized so much easier…)

As I was writing an article for a column, something annoying happened. It’s easily repeatable, too, because it happened every single time I went back to fix it. :imp:

The problem occurred during the sentence: “A pre-order through Amazon.com will give the player an alternate for Tifa, an outfit inspired by her original Yoshitaka Amano design.”

Scrivener wants to capitalize the “C” in the .com extension. I went back to fix it, but every word typed after “Amazon.com” resulted in Scrivener deciding it would be helpful and change it right back to “Amazon.Com.” And gods help you if you’re directing someone to “Amazon.Co.Uk” [what it looks like when I type “amazon.co.uk”]—it still capitalizes things in the extension and assumes that the .UK is two INitial caps, so it fixes that too.

I was able to get around it by going a line down, finishing the sentence, correcting the capitalization, and then clicking into the new line. Typing anything in the line that contains the problematic portion results in a ‘re-correction.’ Totally turning off the capitalize auto-correct is impractical (since I am BAD at hitting a shift key hard enough for it to register every time—and the other half I don’t get off of it fast enough and the sentence starts with two).

Any plans on fine-tuning this? Maybe implement a Word/OpenOffice style URL recognition protocol?

((If this is here already, I apologize—using various combinations in Search didn’t turn this up, so here I am.))

System information: Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, Beta edition 1.6.

Not an ideal solution but it is a work around.

Go to Edit > Options

Select the Autocorrection Tab. You man move through the tabs by using the arrows at the top.

Uncheck the Fix Capitalisation of sentences option.

Hope that helps.


I disagree. I don’t think it’s a good idea to resolve the problem of URL’s and .X by turning off the auto-correction for “Capitalization to start sentences.” Period-without-a-space is a different construction that period-the-a-space.

As a general rule, if a space isn’t present, Scrivener shouldn’t recognize that construction as a sentence. Either that or there should be two toggles, one for capitalization, and a second one that defines what a sentence is.

Optimally, the auto-correct feature could, like work, recognize that if I undo the capitalization and then continue writing (without additional undo’s or corrections) that the minuscule/lowercase formatting is the one I want.

  • Matt

I’ve been using Scrivener for the documentation for the computer application I am writing for a client and this capitalisation is very annoying as there are a great number of instances of “class.property” where the class IS capitalised and the property, if it is a private property is NOT capitalised.

Changing the rule as suggested above to only trigger if there is whitespace, not just a space, after the full stop is going to avoid the problem.