URL formats in HTML output

This is a sample link:
NY Times
I pasted into a Scrivener document.

I compiled it as html. Opened with Firefox it displays like this:
This is a sample link:

NY Times

“View selection source” shows this:

This is a sample link:

<a href="  [nytimes.com](http://www.nytimes.com) " target="_blank">NY Times</a>

What I wanted was this:

NY Times (in blue, underlined.)

Is this possible? I’ve been browsing the forum, knowledge base etc. and haven’t found an answer, although I think “no” is implied.


Yes it is. But you are a Windows users posting in the Mac technical support area. I’m too lazy to dig out my work machine right now so I’ll post mac responses…

You may want to not compile to HTML. You output is being encoded to display exactly what you have in the source text. Try creating a URL link via the Edit menu --> Add Link. You can then compile to any output with the link being clickable.

If you are are on a Mac, you can use the Preserve Formatting feature to pass raw HTML through to the output. You will need to enable an option in the HTML Settings compile panel: “Treat ‘Preserve Formatting’ blocks as raw HTML”. This is great for wrapping things in classes and such for CSS.

Is there a way to create a link like this without having to type all the HTML?

In Word there is an Edit Hyperlink dialog box that includes fields for Text to Display, Address(url), and Screen Tip.

Is there an equivalent in Scrivener that will embed a fully formed link?

Okay, I figured it out. I can even add URL’s to footnotes. But when I export the document to Word the hyperlinked text with an underlying URL is not highlighted. Any ideas?

That sounds like a common issue with Word. There is a checkbox in the RTF Compatibility compile option pane, Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined, that might help.