URL information for web pages?

I feel like I’m missing something here, but I can’t find anywhere that lists the original URL for an imported web page. I found the option for opening the original web page in the browser, so the original URL information must be stored somewhere. But I can’t seem to find that information, which I would need for referencing and citations.

Is the original URL information available somewhere? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.


Nope, you just spotted a bug. The original URL was supposed to show up in the footer view, where you can click it and open it in your browser… but it doesn’t. Which is actually just as well, because I made another silly mistake which means that if it did try to show, the program would crash. Both are fixed for beta 2, though it might not work for all pages that have already been imported - though of course it will for all that are imported afterwards.

In the meantime, for all web pages that have been imported, you can ctrl-click on them in the binder and select Open Original URL in Browser.

Excellent on the fix and the way it will work. I just knew it was supposed to show up somewhere! :slight_smile: This program is way too well thought out not to have this feature!