URL link-formating returns after Remove Link

I just typed in a xxxxx.com-style website address that I don’t want formatted as a link.

So, of course, I simply highlighted it, right-clicked, and chose Remove Link.

However, whenever I type anything further in the paragraph that contains it, the link format and underline return.

I’m sure this hasn’t happened before with other .com type addresses I’ve typed and then done a Remove Link.

Any ideas why this one might be behaving like this?

That is unfortunately just how the text engine works. You can double-check by using the same procedure in TextEdit. The only real solution is to disable automatic web address detection in the Corrections preference pane (or “Smart Links” in TextEdit).

Of course you’ll then need to manually link up anything you do want interactive, with that setting off. Fortunately it is easy to request the creation of a link. Simply select a valid URL, right-click on it, and choose Make Link. That should work wherever the automatic detector did.

I do so love it when our shiny new computers are tethered to such ancient things as engines.

AmberV, you’re right, of course. I could have sworn I hadn’t seen this behaviour before, but there it is.

Your solution is a good one, and suits my usage well. I hardly ever need to have web addresses show up as actual links in my text, so switching that off is a good scheme. Thanks for turning the engine around. However, the right-click on a valid URL doesn’t then seem to offer Make Link as you suggest.

Just to reiterate my final question there: should the right-click on a valid URL offer a Make Link option, after switching off automatic web-address detection? It doesn’t for me.

What may be valid may not be recognised, if that is what you mean. It’s all the same detection engine, so if that specific URL doesn’t work well with automatic detection then it won’t work well with this command. Try it with something simple, like just the “http://www.domain.com”, if you think it is not working overall. It may also be a matter of OS X version, I tested in 10.10 and 10.9.

As an observation (it doesn’t make much difference to my requirements), it looks as if it has to have the “http://” bit at the front to get a “Make Link” option. When I had automatic web address detection on, I’m pretty sure it didn’t need the http. (I’m using OSX 10.10.3.)

Yeah, comparing Scrivener with TextEdit, I do see some differences in this behaviour between the two. The good news is that I tried in a newer in-house build and the problem appears to be resolved already. :slight_smile:

Ah, that sounds good. When will the features of that build become available to all of us, I wonder?

Not yet, this won’t be an update in the next minor bump (which is will probably be out some time this summer), but rather in a much larger update—and it’s still too early to even really be talking about that one. :slight_smile:

In case you are not aware you can add links manually with Edit/Add Link…, so copying and pasting the URL that isn’t co-operating, into that tool, will at least let you make a link even if it is an extra step.

OK Amber … but you have talked about it! Anyway, thanks for the tip about Add Link.