URL-link handling needs improvement.

URL-link handling needs improvement.

  1. Scrivener should be bright enough to figure out if the URL begins with http:// etc. and do the right thing on paste.

  2. There should be a place for other items in the link such as target, rel=“nofollow” etc.

  3. Scrivener claims to be able to create eBook and Printed (PDF) output from the same source. However Hyperlinks need to be handled differently. Hot-links in the eBook, and mailable PDF files, but in printed PDF file the link "Literature and Latte“ needs to look something like “Literature and Latte (www.literatureandlatte.com)”

  4. Most other Mac tools use CMD+K as the shortcut for adding hyperlinks. Your choice of that shortcut for “Split” is a real pain. I changed spilt to CTL+K so that CMD+K could be used for Add link.

  5. I think the user should also be able to add, remove and edit all from the same shortcut.

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. This is handled by the system, not the software level, make sure you have the appropriate option enabled in the Corrections preferences panel though, as it is possible to disable the behaviour of turning suspected URLs into clickable links.

  2. It’s an RTF hyperlink, not HTML. Besides, we don’t have control over how it gets turned into one, as that is also a system level task. You might consider forming the URLs yourself using the capacity to do so in combination with the Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting feature, and the Treat “Preserve Formatting” blocks as raw HTML option in the HTML Settings compile option pane.

This technique could also be used to produce multipurpose links, by stripping the HTML elements out with Replacements for PDF compile settings, while hyperlinking the visible text between the anchor elements so that it remains a link without the elements. Since the HTML option disregards the hyperlink (RTF formatting is not raw HTML) you don’t get two links doubled up around the text.

  1. That’s probably more a case of what some people need and not everyone. In some cases if the PDF is meant purely for digital distribution then having hyperlinks sans URLs is fine and just as desirable as in an ePub. There is also a matter of style involved, for example I would prefer a different approach of placing the URL itself in a footnote at the bottom of the page or an endnote somewhere else, rather than inserting it inline in the paragraph as a parenthetical—especially given how some URLs can be quite unsightly. Consequently this is the type of thing best to leave this up to the writer, as it is entirely possible to produce multiple forms of text for different outputs given the possibilities afforded by Replacements and other systems, as already demonstrated.

  2. I believe you identified the solution to that personal problem right in the statement you made. If one doesn’t like a shortcut we choose, they are free to change it.

  3. I’m having a hard time visualising what it would look like to have a shortcut both delete and edit a hyperlink all at once, but that aside, again this is up to you. You can assign one single shortcut to multiple menu commands, and this will work if those commands replace each other contextually. Thus Cmd-K=“Edit Link…” and Cmd-K=“Add Link…” do not conflict, since both cannot be active at the same time. This works for any commands that work that way, like “Show Invisibles” and “Hide Invisibles”.