URL not Web Archive

At the early stage of a project, I find the easiest way to gather material is to drag the URL of a web page from the location bar of my browser (Safari on a Mac) directly into Scrivener. However this creates a problem in that Scrivener automatically imports that page as a Web Archive file rather than merely a web internet location, which I would prefer because I don’t want the Scrivener project file to be too large and the info doesn’t date.
The only work around I have found is to drag the URL from Safari’s location bar and drop it onto the Desktop - where it appears as a .webloc (tiny URL) rather than a .webarchive (large) - then drag it from the Desktop into Scrivener - where it appears as a URL or External Link (in Latte speak).
When trying to quickly research and collate a large number of web pages, this method soon becomes a real… er… drag.
Is there any pref change or other trick to drag a URL straight from Safari to Scrivener so it remains a URL rather than a hefty web archive?

Have you tried using the References feature yet? This sort of thing is precisely what it was designed for. You could for instance create a card for a particular topic, open the Inspector and switch to the References pane (bookmark icon), then drag your URLs there instead of into the Binder. To load them, either drag the URL to the editor header bar or simply double-click the URL icon to load the page more safely in your browser. Note you can also click on the “Document References” title bar and switch to “Project References”, which is of course globally accessible no matter what item you’ve loaded in the editor (or even none at all).

References can store all manner of links by the way. If it is a valid URL to something, be it a file on your drive, a direct link to a database (like an e-mail client or a DEVONthink resource), links to other items in the project, even other projects entirely, e-mail addresses, etc. Anything you want to bookmark, chances are you can drag it there.

There is a short introduction on the feature in the interactive tutorial, step 5d, as well as in the user manual PDF, under §19.5, References, starting on page 271.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I’ve used the References feature quite a bit but that means they’re all buried inside a document rather than showing in the editor. As a feature request/suggestion, it would be great if they could be dragged straight into the editor as a URL rather than WebArchive, perhaps by holding down the Option key.
However, I was not aware that References could be loaded within Scrivener by dragging them to the editor header bar. I thought they could only be loaded in an external browser. So that’s very handy, thank you.