URLs from clippings

I think this has been mentioned before but can’t find it. My brain has failed. But:

“Together” (formerly KIT) has a neat stunt that when you select a section of a web page and clip it, it brings the source URL with it. (Yojimbo doesn’t, alas). Something like that would be damn fine for Scrivener; I have a few times in the last couple of days resorted to copying whole chunks of text into the google searchbar to retrieve the URL I got them from in the first place.

End of whine.

Plus apologies for putting the gripe about shifting the focus into Feedback. As I said, brain gone bye-byes.

That is pretty difficult… Now, if you import the whole web page, the original URL comes along for the ride. But I have no idea how they get this information from a rich text clipping…


When you simply copy a text chunk from a webpage and paste it into Together it does not include the URL. You have to use the Together service to do that.

The format of a web page chunk generated with the Together service is a web archive. It looks as if the whole page gets imported (including the URL) and the not highlighted part of the page gets cut off. Just a guess, of course.

How about asking Steve, Together’s programmer? Maybe he would like to swap trade secrets. If so, offer him the ancient secret formula for default zoom (and zoom at all!) and paragraph settings, this is a week spot of Together.

This is one of DevonThink’s outstanding attributes. It does the same URL thing with text clippings from Mail. I have no idea how the magic is achieved, but it certainly makes for a solid reference database.

DevonNote, the much cheaper version of DevonThink with fewer features, does this as well, and I miss it in Scrivener. Maybe Eric and the gang can tell Keith how to do it.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to nip this one in the bud and say that this is unlikely to make it into Scrivener any time soon. I’ve already got some help from the Devon guys with one aspect of clippings and don’t want to put upon their kindness any more, as I think it would be too cheeky. Scrivener uses the pasteboard to collect clippings, and no URL information is put on the pasteboard, so I have no idea how to do this. Also, this is a very minor thing. If you really want the URL, you can select it in the address bar and use the Append service to append the URL to your document. It’s one extra step, but it gets the information in there if you need it.


I have an intuition about how Together does it, from playing around with it a bit this week (I needed something more powerful for collecting things, but Devon’s stuff seems a mite over-featured for my needs, and I do love Together’s drawer).

Together has mightily extended the standard Apple webarchive format, into a format called ‘Together Expanded Webarchive’. When you drag either a URL, a whole web-page, or part of a web-page into Together (into a folder, onto the dock icon, into the drawer), what it’s doing is importing the whole web-page as a web-archive - and a web-archive holds the source URl. Then, it trims down the resulting archive (Together’s magic is in making web-archives editable as rich-text documents, like HTML files in TextEdit) to only display your originally selected text.

I have no evidence for this - just educated guessing - but that would get around the limitation of keeping selected text on the pasteboard.