US & UK dictionaries

I need to be able to switch between UK English and US English dictionaries for spell checks in articles written for the two different markets. How do I do that? All help gratefully received. Thanks.

Best wishes,
Peter deP
08:51h on Friday,
8 November 2013

You will need to have both dictionaries added to your system settings. If you have not already done so, then visit the “Language & Settings” system preference pane, and make sure both are in the list (which is primary, highest on the list, is up to you).

Now switch back to Scrivener, and use the [b]Edit/Spelling and Grammar/Show Spelling and Grammar[/b] menu command (or [b]Shift-Cmd-;[/b] on my keyboard). You should see a drop-down menu at the bottom of that window where you can select the language you wish to check for. You don’t have to use that window to spell check. That will just set things up for underlining, so you can close it once you’ve switched.

Thanks - I am grateful to you.