Usability issue Line Spacing in Section Layout Designer

I think this is no small issue. It can seriously hamper designing a quality layout for a section:

This sequence of images illustrates the problem: The overflow tooltips show only two options available next to the alignment icons. (Text Color and Highlight Color) Actually there are three.
The Line Spacing drop down list appears only when the window is widened enough for it to pop up. This is no hidden gem, it’s invisible to everyday users. The Line Spacing dialogue box allows for Spacing before and After Paragraphs or excact Line Spacing. Without these options creating Section Layouts is crippled. I would argue that Line Spacing is way more important than either Text or Highlight color, so it should move at least two places to the left in the toolbar.
Please fix this usability problem.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Or, better yet, in the first screenshot, the Line Spacing option should be added to the dropdown menu, or best yet, both adding the menu choice, and perhaps moving the option to the left.

Or the four alignment-icons could be in one drop down list, with the selected alignment visible, to make room for the Line Spacing drop down list with the Line Spacing dialog box.

The intended design here is for the style and font variant drop-downs to collapse when necessary (in all contexts for that matter, not just this one):

Without those elements, the format bar itself can collapse down further than the minimum width for the overall window.


The Style and Font Variant drop down lists never collapse, as far as I can see.
And when the Line Spacing control is invisible, they should always collapse.
At least the Line Spacing list should be present in the overflow menu.
Shall I tag it as a bug? Actually, it already is.

It’s the intended design, it doesn’t actually work that way yet. :slight_smile: More of a missing implementation than a bug.

Being and not a beta or RC, this is definitely a bug and should be high on the list as well, I think.