Usability issues in Find/Replace [LOGGED]

The Find/Replace feature deviates in several ways from what I have come to expect from other Windows applications (including, but not limited to, Microsoft Word):

  1. When the “Find” dialog box opens, the search text field should have focus and the text should be selected, no matter what was in focus the last time the dialog opened. This makes it easy both to search for the same word again and typing a new word to search for.
  2. The “Selected Text” radio button should be disabled when no text is selected.
  3. When the end of the document is reached, you are asked if you want to start at the beginning. That is at it should be, but if you answer “no” you get an extra “Text Not Found” dialog box to click away. That is redundant.
  4. The editor pane should scroll to the found text - it doesn’t in “Scrivenings” mode.