Use a different font on a screenplay title page

I might have missed an option here, but it seems impossible to have a different font on the title page of a screenplay than the font used in the body of the screenplay. I often use a non-courier font on the title page, but it seems impossible to do this in Scrivener without changing the front for the entire document. Having an option to do this would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able just to highlight the text in the front document and change the font. Then, in compilation, make sure the front matter Section Type layout is set to ‘As Is’ (which it should be by default).

Does that not work for you?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that doesn’t work. Please see the screenshot below. Even the ‘as is’ format turns whatever font you’ve used into the default font used for the whole document:

In the main Compile dialog box you have the (override) Font setting set to Courier Prime. Change that to the “Determined By Section Layout” option. Maybe that does what you want?


I think you may be right — certainly I have no problems using a different font for the title page (Front Matter).

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Thank you so much. That worked. I didn’t even realise I was over-riding anything. I’m not sure if this thread should be deleted from wish list or not?

I’ve changed it to general support for you.

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