Use AI to show related notes?

Now that really-cool AI is here, I wonder if Scrivener could make it possible to show related notes via AI? That might be really useful for a lot of people in gaining new ideas and seeing how their existing knowledge base is connected.

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Creating and integrating an AI is a big deal. You could better make intelligent use of labels, keywords, bookmarks and collections.

I wouldn’t want to implement AI into my writing. It’s bad enough going through AI systems to get hold of my bank manager.

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A tool for the Mac has had something along these lines for many years now, and it was I suppose moderately useful if you have very little organisational discipline. I never found it of any use whatsoever over my own catalogue system. The key thing to understand is that it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t work at all until you throw vast amounts of data at it, and whether it works well at all isn’t ever a guarantee. Like I said, I never found it even slightly useful for how my data is structured.

In other words, not really the kind of thing Scrivener gets used for, in my experience. You make a project, you write about your work a little bit in the sidebars and research folder, and then you move on to the next project. By “little bit”, I mean anything less than several million words.