Use application on my two macs (iMac & MacBook)

Hello, I’m a Mac user Scrivener. I want to work a few days with my laptop Mac… do I can transfer the licensed program to work with the laptop?

How would I do that?

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Install it on your laptop just like you did on your other computer. If you recently downloaded from, you can probably find the Scivener.dmg file in your Downloads directory and copy that to your other computer. You will need to find the license key again, and enter it when Scrivener prompts you for it.

So, I can use Scrivener in my two Macs with only one license, that’s right?

The licence is a “household” one. So… if both the macs are yours, or belong to a member of your household (that is to say one of the following who lives with you: a spouse / partner, parent, sibling or child) then you can use the one licence.

Note, flatmates living in a shared house will need their own licences.

Great answer… Thanks to all for your time.

Let’s get busy!

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