Use bold fonts for Document Groups in Binder

I know in Preferences---->Appearance---->Binder you can make folders and/or document groups bold. Is there a way to do that project by project? Thanks!

That is a global setting alone, but do note that if you right-click on any binder item you can set it to “Show as Binder Separator”, to add a little extra visual accentuation to your outline. That setting conveys through Document Templates by the way, so you can set up a master folder template for larger sections with that already applied, and easily add new ones to the draft as you go.

Thanks Amber. Probably the best for what I’m doing is just have everythiing as a text document and use the carat > to remind me there are other docs. But what you suggest might be good for other docs. And I have found Separators useful in the past. Thanks again for the quick response!

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That’s pretty much what I do as well. I generally only use folders for the highest level stuff, if even that, purely as a kind of a “cheap” separator since the icon looks different. I prefer the freedom to outline without preparation or forethought otherwise, which text groups are ideal for.