Use case: Vacation Research

So this is my very first post to this community and I can say I am very excited for owning such a magnificent piece of software. Scrivener, can be used to plan your vacation and make a daily schedule out of your research. That is exactly what I am doing at the moment.

Let’s say you have chosen your destination and booked your tickets already. I give you such a scenario so this post will not be too boring and complex.You can do research for many destinations of course, but hey, let’s focus for our example to one.

So you research places to visit and gather information and pictures from the internet. You gather information about your transportation too. You also do a research about the night life of the places to visit. You do a research for places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And all of them by the convenience of the drag and drop and copy-paste interface of Scrivener.

I really can’t believe how fast you can gather information using Scrivener.
Let’s say you will stay for 6 nights.
So you make six pieces of text on the draft.
One for each day.
In the end, you are the author of your vacation schedule.

How does that sound to you people?
Anyone did this too?