Use changing document (1st line) text as its title (redux)

[Scriv 1.9.0 (trial); Win7 Pro, x64; 8GB.]

Thanks Keith.
As I have test-imported delimited documents, 1.9.0 (Windows) splits the documents and sets the first text (that on the line following the delimiter) as the documents’ names/titles as expected. It will be ‘nice’ that the Binder will display whatever “first few words” are in the document, and change its display ‘automatically’ whenever I change those words – as long as I do not set the title with F2 or otherwise.
(‘First few words’ seems to be about 70 characters?)

It seems to me though that it does matter when I actually move my documents and WIPs to a paid Scrivener, whether I start ‘now’ or wait for Scrivener Win 3.x.
Am I correct in thinking that the ability in the “next major (paid) update of Scrivener” (v3.x) will not retroactively know that the titles were set upon importation, will therefore not ‘clear’ the assigned titles from the documents I import now, before 3.x?
(Just wishful thinking: It seems unlikely that it would, given that the titles of the ‘old’ documents would likely already be their formal titles.)

  1. What then of the card/synopsis views? Will those displays change with the first words as well?