Use changing document (1st line) text as its title

I have 10s of thousands of notes etc. in multiple delimited, MB+, RTF files to get into Scrivener. I know that as the import splitting occurs, it will use some of the first text of the item as the Scrivener document’s title – fixed.
I know that this has been discussed before, quite a while ago, but … Once the ‘documents’ are in Scrivener, it would be useful (to me) were their title to change as their first line/sentence changed. (For instance, even were the title quasi-fixed, it would be quicker to be able to change it ‘on the fly’ while I was still in the document, as the thought occurs to me.)

Having handled these notes/essays this way now for a couple decades+ in my current software – which gives me the option to ‘fix’ the title or default it to changing-text – it would be nice to be able to continue the practice in Scrivener.

This is coming with the next major (paid) update of Scrivener - if a document doesn’t have a title, the first few words of the text will be shown.

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I have seen that the trial version is the full Scrivener, merely time-limited to 30 session-days. (Or is it 30 non-consecutive days? :wink:)
Does this mean that the contemporaneous trial version of that update would not have the feature?

[Windows 7, 8 GB; Scrivener (trial)]

No, AFAIK the trial version and the paid version downloaded from L&L are the same binaries; in the latter, you’ve just included the code. (Note this doesn’t apply to the Apple Store version.)

The next major paid upgrade will be, IIRC, 3.0

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Is this v3.0 for the Mac? As a Windows user, v3.0 for Windows would be a full version away for me.


Again, as I understand it, the next major release of both Mac and Windows Scriv will be 3.0 – Windows will skip 2.x.

Thank you Devin.
I didn’t know that Literature & Latte had adopted the same marketing signal as MS had with Win 10.
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I’m not sure what the story is with Microsoft skipping version 9, but in our case, when we have both platforms running with the same level of functionality, it wouldn’t much make sense to have one on 3 and the other on 2 (and presumably never catching up numerically, for no good reason at all, save that it started development several years later).


Thanks; that’s pretty much as I supposed it to my spouse after reading Devin’s answer.
And pretty much as I hoped ! having seen some nice Mac functionality in the ‘using Scrivener’ videos that I’d use, tools (apparently?) absent in the 1.9 Windows trial version with which I’m playing (on my Win7 platform).

No reply necessary – though of course welcome! :smiley:


I’ve read a few reasons for MS’ #10, but one was similar – to signal that they were up-to-date with the Mac OS. Another MS reason suggested was to put some distance between their new OS and the less than stellar v8.x.

The most convincing argument I’ve seen has to do with volumes of poorly written applications that check for the version of Windows they’re running on by matching the string “Windows 9*” to match Windows 95 and 98. It would match Windows 9 and cause all sorts of problems.

Ha, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. The Win9k [size=80][1][/size] problem.

[size=80]1. All right, I know, that makes no sense. :slight_smile:


Yes, that too was one I’d heard, and having reprogrammed a ledger & grant system through Y2K (aka Win9k), as you say, the most likely coding reason for ‘10’.

Of course, I meant ‘similar’ superficially! :smiley: Quite happy with Win7, I am looking forward to Scrivener for Windows v3 MUCH more than to Win10.

As someone with a W10 laptop and a W7 desktop, I can honestly say that I will never update the desktop to W10. It doesn’t have enough to make me say, “Oh, yeah, this is definitely better than my current system!” I said that after Vista, and I’m still waiting to say it.

Being able to login with my Microsoft account across all of my devices and have specific non-document settings auto-synchronize? Heaven. Keeps me from having to maintain a domain controller at home, makes things easier for my family. LOVE LOVE LOVE Windows 10 on the desktop.

There is one desktop that isn’t getting upgraded from Win7, but that’s because it’s nearly 6 years old and getting replaced with a Surface Pro 3 + docking station for my wife.

Eh, different strokes :slight_smile:

Yup. All hardware sucks, all software sucks. You find the flavor of suckage you can live with.

(And for those who are about to protest that their chosen hardware/software doesn’t suck – design is the process of choosing compromises, and all non-trivial projects require non-trivial compromises.)