Use Date In Backup File

Scrivener 3.0 Beta for Windows.

What are the pros and cons of using the date in the backup file?

Pro: easy to tell which backup is which.

Con: none that I can think of.


There really is a negative. Here is the scenario:

You are careful, so you backup to your local drive. Then you have a program running in the evening that backs up the backup folder to a nas or usb drive. Now instead of having just the last 25 backups, you could eventually have hundreds of copies on your backup drive. Even worse if you are paying for space on cloud storage and the project is really large. Even if your backup program is only keeping a few copies, since the files have different names, they are likely to be treated as different files so you could have hundreds of files in the cloud as well.

There are ways around this:
You could instead of making a backup to the external drive, or cloud, you could make an exact copy (or sync) type of backup. Then the older files would be deleted from the backup drive when they are deleted from the local backup.

Another option is that if you have a 2nd backup system backing up to a usb drive every night, you could set that to manage say 5 or 10 previous versions, and use the same name for the file so the usb drive backup or the cloud backup do not get overloaded. In other words, do not use the date.

So, whether you should use the date in the filename depends on the size of the files, and your entire backup scheme.