Use everywhere, with Ubuntu One?

Just started using scrivener and I’m really excited about this application. I’m hoping there are some vet users who can advise me if the user road I’m mucking with is doomed from the start.

I have three different PCs I use depending on context. A system at work, PC at home, then a netbook that I take on trips. My current method of writing is to store my chapters on Ubuntu One, then write on whatever system I am working on.

So I installed scrivener on my system at work, and my system at home (both Ubuntu 12) and saved my current project to the Ubuntu One drive… however, when I tried to access it from home, the documents were blank.


  1. Is there a way I can adjust the configuration so the working documents are also stored on my Ubuntu One directory? There are around 25 files and several directories being written to there, but apparently not my text or corkboard notes.

  2. When this is released, will I need to buy a copy of scriviner for every pc I run it on? I like it but $120 to use it like this (or only on one exclusive machine) would probably make me stick with Libre Office Writer for free.

ah well… it completely wiped the document I was working on. I’ll take this as a “nope”.

Haven’t used it with Ubuntu One but there are known issues with Dropbox and Google Docs. Here’s a couple of blog posts describing ways of making sure your files sync properly and what to do when they don’t. Looks like you could probably recover the file that went missing. … d-backups/ … -from.html

As for the question about whether you’d need to buy multiple copies of Scrivener for multiple computers: my guess is the Linux version might eventually be released with a license similar to the Windows version. This has a ‘household’ allowance:

The latest version of the Linux kernel offers full support for Chrome on present hardware.
Maybe we can hope that new versions of Ubuntu will accommodate.
I dream of running Scrivener on a $250 Chromebook with its full keyboard. … pport.html

Ah thanks! I had lost much more than I thought and recovered it thanks to your link!

I really like that licensing policy too. It makes me think this is a company that regards profit secondary to their passion for their product and tech.