"Use Full Width in Binder" option not showing

Hi all,

My label colours are currently showing full width in the binder, but I’d like to change them back to just dots.

When I click “View>Use Label Color In” the option to “Use Full Width in Binder” doesn’t show at the bottom so I cant switch it off.

I’m a very new user and have been clicking around a lot to see what Scrivener can do; I must have selected “Use Full Width in Binder” previously,…somehow!

Can anyone help me get the dots back?

Many thanks in advance!

Update: I deactivated scrivener, uninstalled it, reinstalled it and entered my license details.

Opened my existing project and the problem still remains - no option to deselect the use full width.

I’ve also tried creating a completely new blank project - the option is still missing.

So it seems the problem is neither software related (remains after re-installation) or project related (remains after creating a new blank project).

So is it a feature missing in the windows version completely or something?

I’d really like to get this sorted as full width colours just seem to be too much for my taste!

Many thanks in advance,


Erm, which version of Scrivener are you using? V. 1.9.9 or V. 3 beta 16?

It’s “Version: - 03 Oct 2018” running on Windows 10. I downloaded it directly from the literature and latte website.

Go to View/Use label colors in and untick the binder option.
There’s no option, It’s either full-width or none. If you right-click on the items in the binder, there’s an option to “change icon.” Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks TS, yes that helps!
I thought from reading around that there was an option for dots only, but if not then no label colour is fine!
Best wishes,