“Use hyphenation” option still not visible for PDF compiles

Hello there,

I have and happily use Scrivener 2.5, that I purchased through the Mac App Store in November 2013.

I understand that in the 2.3.1 version there was a bug causing the “Use hyphenation” option not to be visible for standard PDF and Print compiles. In my experience, the bug is still there. I’m attaching a picture to show the problem: where the option should appear, there is a blank space.

It’s really a problem for me, because I quickly need to create a professional PDF file in order to self-publish a physical book - and a physical book without hyphenation is not professional!

Can you please help? Many thanks,

Rita C.

From your available settings, it looks like you have the PDF engine set to “Proofing” in the Print Settings compile option pane. Hyphenation is only available using the “Publishing” option.

That’s right! Many thanks - and I’m so sorry! I changed the settings and the hyphenation works. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well with Italian: the hyphenation grammar rules in my language are different and I found some huge errors in the final Pdf. I’m afraid that the only option is to compile as Rtf, open the file with Word and then launch the hyphenation. In this case the syllables breaks are correct.