Use "K" when entering word counts, e.g. 1.5K converts to 1,500 words.

Details as topic title. Would apply, e.g. when entering Session Targets or Target for a file or folder.
Most writers I know talk in terms of so many K words.

At risk of taking issue with another person’s wish, I am puzzled by the motivation for the request. Typing ‘1.5K’ as opposed to typing ‘1500’ is not a savings in keystrokes, certainly.

Popular verbal cooption of ‘k’ aside, no program I use takes ‘k’ in a quantity field (that I know of). Is this a thing?

Well, for example, when I’m blocking out my novel and entering target wordcounts, it’s nice to be able to not have to type lots of zeroes. And glancing at my outline, it’s nice to have the information simplified.

If it’s not an easy thing to implement, then the developers can ignore this suggestion.

That is actually clarifying about what you are wishing for. It is not just that you want to be able to enter a value using that unit, you also want to see values represented in K elsewhere in the interface.

Actually, I’d gladly settle for Pages as an option in addition to Words and Characters.