use link as an insert type


Great software and I am well into adapting it for my own purposes. My current novel is based in a particular time and place. This has required a lot of research all imported into Scriv.

The project has become huge with research folders, character sketches, and more.

Up in the manuscript section, as I am developing the story, I create a scene for writing and I need to keep historic details or character profiles handy to refer to. Originally I would duplicate the particular research document and drag up to the manuscript. Dumb but it worked when I only had a couple dozen folders and docs. I must have a couple hundred now.

At this time I add a new text doc nested under the scene/chapter file, and pop in a scriv link on the page. Works fine but it would be nice to stream line even more.

It would be much more efficient if a link type could be created same as folder and text.

Also if a link type could also open an external link both web and files it would be be fantastic. It would save a lot of importing of web files etc.