Use meta-data to add date?

I want to add today’s date automatically to the Front Matter of a screenplay each time I compile it. I can create a Custom Meta-Data ‘Date’ field and print it using <$Custom:Date>, but I’d like to make the process automatic.
Today’s date is in the General Meta-Data and I’ve tried <$Modified> and <$Created> without success. Is there such a command?

The current date is simply <$date>.

For a full list of available placeholder tags, see the list in the Help menu. There’s a whole section of tags to produce the current date and time in various formats.


Ahah! <$modifiedDate> sounds like what I want!

Careful. <$ModifiedDate> will give you the modification date for the document where the tag resides. Which may or may not be the same as the modification date for the project as a whole.

Note that compiling alone does not “modify” the project’s component files.


Is there a separate tag for the project modification date?