Use of chapter heading pages

I am new to Scrivener Windows (v. 023) and am in the process of sorting out a novel first draft that is about 80% complete. I have split out each chapter, with scenes as subdocs, but also made the chapter heading its own page. Each scene is then numbered 5.1, 5.2 (chapter 5, etc.). This way, I can move parts around but my chapter pages remain unchanged as they have no actual text other than the heading. Out of habit, I insert a page break before the chapter heading. I know Scrivener does this, but it has been a bit glitchy in this respect (according to a few posts) and old habits die hard.

I really like the fact that as soon as I make a scene a subdoc and number it, Scrivener numbers subsequent scenes for me as I split up the chapter. I’m only sorry that I didn’t start this project in Scrivener… next time… Years from now we will be wondering how we ever managed to get anything written without Scrivener! Thanks to the Windows team for all the hard work. I know it’s like trying to build a fortress on a foundation of Jello . :wink: