Use of Folders: Several questions

I published my first book using Scrivener. Yay! In that book I had several text files (scenes) under a folder. I simply named the folders 1, 2, 3, to represent the chapter number for me to see while writing. I name the text files (each text file was a scene) short phrases that meant something to me about that scene.

After going through one book, I have decided that each scene will be its own chapter. Meaning, I can’t see a reason to use the folders. Any reason to continue to use the folders in this situation? I only see cons for the amount of screen space it takes up in the sidebar, especially when editing on my iPad or iPhone.

With all that said, I understand how to remove the <$n> from compile section that auto numbers the chapters. Is there a way to keep the auto numbering but have my short text file names/scenes as smaller text underneath the auto generated chapter number?


By screen space on mobile I mean I have to go into the folder to see the text file / scene title.

Like the sample project and PDF attached? (144 KB)

Slàinte mhòr.

Almost exactly like that. Thank you. I see I needed to choose the Chapter with Title layout. Oops. Any way to make the chapter number larger than the title text?

It works great in your sample project but I can’t make my text/title drop to the next line. It is putting the title next to the chapter number on the same line.

I used <$n><$rst_scene> as you did. Any idea what I should look at?

If it makes any difference, my first lines of paragraphs are not indenting anymore. I have been careful to make only changes I can undo later. Not sure what is going on.

1 Scene Title

No paragraph idents compile out.

Those are my two problems. I have the title font size being smaller than the Chapter number figured out.

Indented paragraphs are fixed. I had to slide the “T” over that somehow got reset to the left.

That leaves me with having the Chapter Number and Title on different lines. That is my last issue to figure out.

Figured it out.

You have to hit Return inside the Title Options dialog box. Doh!!

Would the more correct way to do this be placing <$rst_scene> inside the Title Options > Title Suffix box?

There isn’t really a “correct” place to put a placeholder that resets a counter for scenes—other than anywhere in between scene 6 of the previous section and scene 1 of the next. That’s going to only be particularly true if you aren’t even using Scrivener to track scene-level detail in your work, but even if you were you still may not even need that reset if you don’t number individual scenes and need the numbering to reset at each chapter break. :slight_smile:

In other words, I don’t think you even need that code.