Use of modifier keys during File drag and drop to differentiate import vs research alias?

If I drag and drop and non text file (PDF, etc) into Scrivener , the file is imported.
I was wondering if instead of File → Import → Research Files as Alias, it would be possible (like in DevonThink for example) to use a modifier key (opt for example, or another) to drag and drop so that the file ends up as a Research Alias in Scrivener instead of Imported.
If it’s not possible, please consider it as a wish.
thanks in advance for your time and help

Drag it into the Inspector’s project (or document) bookmark area.

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Sorry I don’t understand. I want to see the document in the Binder. thank you

If you want it to be a link, bookmarks are easiest, but you can also click in any document (maybe an empty document created for the purpose) and go to Edit/Add Link make it a File, and paste in the file’s URL … which you’d have to get from Finder. (Creating a bookmark skips that problem.) You wouldn’t see the document in the Binder, but you’d see that document and you can click on that link.

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I understand. Thank you. I will try all your suggestions.

I am still puzzled : if the document is not in the binder, isn’t there a risk you forget you had it, for example 3 months later. And if I use add link, I don’t see a preview.

thanks again

If you drag a document into the binder while holding the Command key, it will add an alias to the binder instead of importing the file.

You have to choose your poison here – if you put an alias in the binder, you have to use Open In External Editor (Control+Command+O) to open it using the external program. If you drag the document into the bookmarks inspector, it’s not in the binder, but it will launch if you double-click on the bookmark.

You said you didn’t want to import it. In general, I don’t import files either.

it’s not the behaviour I observe. Cmd drag and drop imports the file into Scrivener. Does not create an alias.

@dorindon: Cmd drag and drop imports the file into Scrivener. Does not create an alias.

Dragging with the Command key held down should work—and I did get it to work a few times, but also ran into mysterious cases where it wouldn’t (no detectable pattern to it that I could see). It would help to update your profile to show the macOS version are using by the way, so we can get this properly looked at.

thank you @AmberV
Cmd Drag and Drop definitely did not work, and suddenly works after rebooting my Mac.
Sorry I should have stated the config this in the first place
Catalina 10.15.7 latest update
Scrivener Version 3.2.3 (14868)
thank you !

by the way, I did not see Cmd Drag discussed in the user manual, at least in the Research Alias section. thank you

Thanks, I’ve added a note to check the docs for that.

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