Use of Shift Key for Compile Check Boxes

Don’t know that this is a bug, but maybe a needed improvement. When I am deciding which sections to compile, I begin with the Alt key to erase the default checks (great feature), then check the ones I want. As my project grows, there are more sections to be included (I compile as a backup at the end of each session). It becomes tedious to click a long list of boxes. I don’t click them all as there are future section titles that I don’t want included. It would be helpful if one could click the first box, hold down the shift key, click the last box and have all of them in between register at the same time. This is pretty standard in other types of programs. If this is already a feature and I have missed something, please let me know.



Stay tuned for the next beta release, we might have a better option for you. Ultimately, the checkbox you’ve been using will become a background feature that is mainly only applicable to static settings, such as if you put note files in the Draft but never want them compiled. It’s a somewhat clunky system to use for chapter selection, as you’ve noted—better methods are coming, but I don’t want to say much more than that yet as it has yet to be released.

Shift clicking ranges isn’t a bad idea, but like I say, in the future this checkbox will not be something you need to tamper with on a regular basis, so it would probably be superfluous in the long run.

Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to the upcoming improvements, as always.


Just noticed that the compile screen now saves settings from the last compile session. Very helpful as I don’t have to go in and do it all over again. Thank you.