Use of <$time> in header/footer

I needed to have the current time when a printout was made in the header or footer, so, just on hunch I wrote <$time> as the option to use in the header and it works (and for which thank you!)

However, I noticed in the manual, table 23.5, that <$time> is not listed and it might be helpful to have it there.

That made me wonder whether there were any other undocumented tokens?

Apologies if this bug has already been reported – I searched for <$time> in the various fora, but the search engine transmutes this to just “time” and I get flooded with irrelevant hits. (That might be a bug in its own right?)


You’ll find a list of placeholder tags under the Help menu.

Cheers, Martin.

Specifically: Help > Placeholder Tags List…
Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks, gentlemen. Much appreciated.
You may reasonably infer I’m a new licensee of Scrivener! :slight_smile:


Well then, welcome to the club, <$surname>! :wink: