Use safe document saving mechanism

I am just not understanding this option which is found in the General Startup Options box.

Hello Don,
You don’t understand it because the instruction is written in Scrivenerese… a language used by the Scriv team throughout their product. Probably a programmer thing.Think of it this way. If you were at a door and there was a sign on it written by them it would state,
“This is one means of possible egress from the domain, building, establishment or compound. There may or may not be others. It facilitates the action of leaving the said domain, building, establishment or compound, should you wish to do so for any reason including unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or just that you wish to leave.”

What the sign should have said is “Exit.”

In what version of Scrivener is this? I’m still lingering around in 1.9.7, and I don’t see it. - 03 Oct 2018

It was clearly explained in the update, essentially, take more time, be safer. But I can’t find the change logs so I don’t remember the specifics. It seemed to be the main (or only) reason for the update.

I’d love to have an accessible change log.

There’s release notes (with an explanation) here: … os=Windows

Thanks. Still trying to dig up time to upgrade to the latest!

Thank you. I’ve made a note of the link so I can find it again if needed.