Use Same Terminology in Manual So That Searches Work

Today I saw that little padlock in the lower corner, and saw the tooltip “Lock inspector to current editor.”

I couldn’t figure out what that meant, since I knew of only one editor. Lock it to the current text document?

So I opened the manual and searched for “Lock Inspector” and found nothing. Same with “Lock to.”

I recommend that you try to use the same terms in the manual so that users can find a helpful topic.

I now found the manual section on “Locking the inspector.” You might work on a way to have a search for “lock the inspector” go there.

Other source of confusion: There is only one editor in Scrivener although it may be used to edit in different panes. The tooltip might read “Lock inspector to current pane.”

That’s strange that “lock the inspector” did not return this section of the manual for you. I see that phrase in the first sentence. I will try to find a way to work the tooltip in since that is the only exposed terminology for this feature in the UI.

The interface and documentation does refer to Scrivener has having multiple editors, however. For example, Documents/Open/in Other Editor, View/Editor/Other Editor/Forward in History, to name a couple. Each split is considered its own editor, as it is capable of storing its own display settings for things such as outliner columns, corkboard options, group view mode and has its own history queue.

“Lock the inspector” would find that, but “Lock Inspector” doesn’t find anything, and that’s the phrasing of the tooltip.

Yes, you do refer to multiple editors elsewhere (but in Tools/Options you refer to only one editor). My confusion came because it’s so unusual to use the term in that way. It would be like saying that you open a different ebook reader for each book, or saying that you open two word processors instead of saying that you open one word processor and use it to work on two documents.

It’s not really unusual - Scrivener does contain two editors. Why would there be a conceptual limit on how many editors you could have within one program? The term “editor” in Scrivener is used consistently to refer to the main viewer/editable area of the document. Given that you can have more than one document open side by side, there is clearly more than one editor open when there is a split. In that situation, it’s clear that both documents aren’t part of the same editor.

It’s not comparable to saying you’d open a different e-book reader - in Scrivener, that would be comparable to saying that you open a new project for each document.

Perhaps it is a British vs. American English thing. As I see it, Scriv only has one editor, just as Firefox has only one browser and Openoffice has only one word processor. On the file menu, OpenOffice has File/New/Document, it doesn’t have File/New/Word Processor. Firefox has File/New Tab, not File/New Browser.

Scrivener’s editor may be used to edit more than one text document at a time. When I go to Tools/Options there is a selection for “Editor,” and none for “Editors.”

No, I don’t think it’s a British/American thing. “Editor” in software has always referred to an area within a window - an editable area of content. In seven years of selling Scrivener, this has not once come up as an issue for any other user. :slight_smile: