Use Scrivenings and Composition modes together?

I write my chapters in sections and can then view the whole chapter in Scrivenings mode, which is, of course, one of Scrivener’s great strengths. However, the program’s other great strength (imho) is Composition mode – I find the distraction free, full-screen interface very helpful when I just want to re-read what I’ve written.

However, unless I’m missing something obvious, I can’t combine the two. If you’re in Scrivenings mode and switch to Composition, your document is broken into sections again and you can’t scroll seamlessly through the whole thing.

Am I missing something? If not, would anyone else find this a useful option? Thanks

Hello JJE. Strange that you are having problems. I can work in scrivening mode and just click the full screen icon and continue in scrivening mode but with the full screen.

I wonder if this is some undiscovered quirk of the OS (lots of Windows versions floating about!) Or, if there is some other aspect of your particular PC that is causing this?

You might need to get tech support involved.