Use section titles as headers

Can I ask a question related to several questions already answered, but which still baffles me? I can’t find the answer in previously answered questions, and the manual is baffling and confusing on the point (at least to me).

I want to do somthing simple - I want to use the sidebar section titles as headers on the top right hand corner of each printed page when I compile. But the process seems unduly complex in v 3 for Windows (I managed to achieve it in v1). How do I do it (step by step)? I have created a new format, and entered what I believe if the correct placeholders in Page Settings>Headers and Footers>header and footer text. But they just do not appear on a compile. Neither does a page number, actually, even though I use the >$p> placeholder. I am missing some step, but can’t for the life of me work out what it is. I remember that on the previous version I had to do something to make a page break occurred after each secton, but I can’t find that setting in V3. And that doesn’t explain the absence of a page number where there should be one.

Check out the Pdf “All Placeholder” from the Help menu. Not all Placeholder are allowed/possible in Headers and Footers. Beware of the Options TAB, next to the Header and Footer Text tab, determining which Headers and Footers appear on which page…

<$p> <$pagecount> <$shortdate>, <$mediumdate>, <$longdate><$compilegroup> <$projecttitle> <$abbr_title> <$pageGroupTitle> <$pageGroupParentTitle> <$surname>, <$forename>, <$fullname> should al be working in Headers and Footers.

<$pageGroupTitle> and <$pageGroupParentTitle> never worked for me, though. :crazy_face:

Many thanks for this. I had tracked down the relevant placeholders, but couldn’t make them work. I have now managed to make them work (including ,pageGroupTitle>) in a print to PDF, but they don’t work on a print to printer. Most curious. It all seems unnecessarily difficult and complicated in an otherwise splendid programme.

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I posted a new thread, but noticed yours is similar to my problem. I’m trying to get the name of a text file under a folder to print in the footer/header. I read somewhere that <$pageGroupTitle> should work, but it doesn’t. At least it doesn’t work when printing to MS Word. I’ll try PDF to see if at least I have the right placeholder code.

Note sure if this would help you… I tried adding a meta-data tag to the text file called “SceneTitle” then used <$custom:SceneTitle>, but that didn’t work either. I can get it to print out the meta-data value if I print all the metadata out like under the chapter header. There fore I know SceneTitle=Move to NY in is the data. It just won’t print out, at least not in a footer or header, in MS Word.