Use Status color in Binder

Currently one can use the option to show the Label color in the binder. I think it would also be nice to have an option to show the Status color instead, sometimes you just want a quiick overview of what is in which state.

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um… AFAIK, individual statuses don’t have a colour associated with them. There’s only the text. You can pick a colour for all statuses, for use as a background stamp on index cards, but there’s no individual colour for To-do, In Progress, etc.

Feature request - status color
I’d love to see this included in a future 3.0x version as well. It would be nice to toggle between label color and status color. Currently, I just rename the labels as status so I can see the state of my script scenes in the binder view. It’s really nice to see what’s complete and what’s not. The current label feature alone is one of the standout elements that other script tools do not have.

Have you considered setting up a split editor with outline on the left and editor (or copyholder) to right or below? The outliner can show label colors and also shows the status as one of the outline columns. I’ve done this on occasion for a high-level view of my project, using the outline to partly replace the binder (even hiding the binder to give me more room.

The reason that labels have colour and status items don’t is so that it’s easy to distinguish one from the other, so there are no plans to add colours to status items, I’m afraid. That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s a good idea to be able to show status in the binder, and it is something I have pondered on. One thing I was thinking was allowing uses to assign an icon to status items that could be shown in the binder somehow, but I have not yet come up with a good solution for this, since there is the problem of what icons and how limiting they would be (whether there was a set choice) and also crowding the binder because of the other info it shows, and moving the various elements around in the binder depending on what is visible.

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That’s one of the great things about scrivener, is the viewing options. I like your idea except that the outline view doesn’t allow me to open/navigate each document in the editing window. So it’s a challenge if you jump around the text like I often do.

If you’re on Scrivener Version 3, have a look at Window > Layouts > Three pane (Outline).

This will set you up with (left to right) the Binder, an Outline, and an Editor. Click on one of the items in the Outline and it will open the document in the right hand editor (and if you click in the outline and use the up and down keys, the right hand editor will change accordingly.

You can actually set this up in Version 2, but in V3 there’s a short cut for it. (You can tell it’s working because at the bottom of the outliner you’ll see’ll a square box with an arrow coming out to the right — if that’s in blue, then the right hand editor will follow the selection in the outline).


I guess I have to think about it this way - since these are the “modes” I like to work and think in.

  • Outline Structure
  • Vomit Draft
  • Creative Pacing
  • Status for Delivery

When I’m outlining I make a document for each scene. When I’m in my vomit draft phase I want to know what things I’ve written and what kind of “status/state” it’s in. Is it a solid piece of writing, does it need to be plussed, or in fact did I just jump over it and I should figure it out later. I like having a color indicator to show how “filled” in my script is during that phase.

It’s also great when I’m trying to deliver a script. I can mark what I feel is final, and what I need to comb over again.

But for the creative pacing phase/check I like to check the big picture and see if my script (which will be translated into visual storytelling) has the right flow between visual codas, montage, flashback, theme driven, plot driven, etc. These are important things to keep track of as a writer/director. It helps to architect the final visual product.

So perhaps I’m overloading the binder view with visible queues. Which is why I think a toggle between status and label color could work for the binder. I also think in the outline mode, the status color can be as a background color in the cell alone. That’s how I organize production for VFX (in google docs) or how it’s represented in Shotgun or NIM. So in short, the baseline that would help me is being able to color code the status cell background in the outline view. That would be great.

BTW - I love the binder and it’s simplicity. So I agree. Keep it simple. I want to be able to jump around quickly and easily, and color/icon shape are the queues I use to do that. The features in that concept alone is what makes this the best writing tool I’ve had in my 30 years of writing and designing for video games and film.

Thanks! That works for v3 on OSX as well. I think this can help me get closer to what I’m looking to achieve with my creative workflow. This is why I am posting in the forums, so I can get insight from power users (I’m a new user). :smiley:

Have you thought about swapping the use of labels and status for that? Or are you already using labels for something you feel is equally or more important?

That’s what I have done in the past.


Oh, but it does! At the bottom of the editor window that contains the outline, there’s an icon that if you click it, will cause the document(s) that you select in the outline to load into the editor.

I do that now, but I would love to use both and have color display options for both in the binder and in the outline mode. I pretty much would love to have the same options that’s in “VIEW>USE_LABEL_OPTIONS_IN.”

If I had that I’d use the Label Color for the icon and the Status for the Binder. That way I can see both in the Binder.

Yep! I found that out after trying it out! It’s a great feature, but I still prefer the binder only view for the majority of my workflow. Thanks!

I would absolutely love to see this, too. The Binder is great and I love it, I just wish there was an easy way to view the status at a glance. For my own workflow, this would be the perfect addition.

To humbly suggest one set of icons that could work, are an X, an open circle, a half-filled circle, and a closed circle. I guess you could even add a star as one of the options.


+1 on the last suggestion.

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Make that a +2 on the last suggestion. Icons would work

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Hi All,
Just jumping in on this again. Since the pandemic, I’ve been writing every day now and I am continuously reminded how helpful this would be. Mainly because I jump around between three to four writing assignments and some of that is work with other co-writers.

Things that I do (hack) with either status or label:

  • Assign documents to writers
  • Keep track of what version a binder file might be (and save old ones in another folder or save into a old/new .scriv file)
  • Mark where I am on the writing phase on each binder file (outline, first pass, rough draft, needs plus, rewrite, or final draft)
  • Label different types of scenes (flashback, vision, present, etc.)

Effectively now you can only see either label in the binder. Which is really too bad since this is my daily writing tool now and that would help a lot. Ideally you can see status as well as label. Hopefully, this will be something that can be added to future versions.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time and came up with the idea of making it possible to assign a character to the status (or hey, if the user wants it, more than one) and then print it inside the colored circle of the label (or if label colors are not shown, inside a circle with some neutral background—e.g. white circle with a black border)…

I’d see myself using characters such as 1, 2, 3, F, :frowning:, ? etc. (I.e. add support for both normal characters and emojis).

If the character was wider or the status had more than one character, the label color would be stretched out into a rectangle with half-circles at the ends (and users with really wide monitors would probably not mind). However, things like 1, 2, etc would probably fit nicely inside the circle and become ❶, ❷, Ⓕ, etc.

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