Use Text titles as subchapters?

By default, folder names are used a chapters, which sets the header for the next page as the chapter, leaving the end of the previous folders text on the previous page (as chapters are). But is it possible to use Text titles as sub-chapters that don’t format a new page, but just add the sub-header immediately after the next paragraph?

If not, is there an automatic way of putting in sub-chapters manually?

Folders and documents in the binder are actually the same thing. It’s only the icon that differs. In compile you can assign any kind of layout to any kind of documents. Just tick the box that says that you want the Title as well, not only the Text, and then choose a layout style you like, as if the document had a folder icon.

I am trying to figure this out as well - I would like the document titles to compile into Heading 3 style in Word - is there any way to do this? Or is the only way for them to come out as “normal” but with extra formatting.
Thanks friends!